Some Pre Wedding Tips To Help You Plan While Reducing Stress

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When women are small children, they have this vision and dream in their head of what a wedding should be like and what their own wedding will be like. This is because women are raised with the idea that marriage (especially the wedding day) is all for women and they get to choose every single part of it. Women love to have that kind of control and they’re told they’re only going to have that day once in their life. I mean, we could factor in divorce statistics but we’re going to focus on the positives here and assume that will never happen.

This is a good thing though. When you’re a small child, you constantly think about how your wedding is going to be all the way to even when you’re a teenager. When you’re dating the cool kid from your lunch table, you think about getting married and what a marriage would be like with him. What would the perfect marriage be like? What kind of table placements will there be and how many people will be there? Who all will you be inviting?

If you’re a newly engaged woman or looking to get married soon, you’re probably thinking about all the stress that’s going to take its toll when you start out the planning process of your wedding. Your wedding is very stressful, before and during so you need some tips to help manage that stress and make sure it’s as low as possible during the process. A stressed out bride can’t make the best and the most coherent decisions.

You also have to know there’s some etiquette to advice given to you, even bad advice. If your family and friends start to give you some advice or tips that you never plan on following (and believe me they will), you simply need to nod your head, agree with them and tell them that you’re thankful for their advice and to have such a great friend in their corner. Who knows though, maybe one of those friends is right and you actually end up using their idea after all, so be nice and courteous to everyone who gives you advice.

Everyone thinks they have something planned out in their head, they think they have every little detail mapped out and that nothing can go wrong. No matter how much careful planning you do, people aren’t machines. They have motion of range and free will to do whatever they want so remember, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Prepare yourself for anything that could go wrong.

When you picture yourself walking down the aisle, how do you picture it happening? Is it with this extra long 100 foot train or is it with a short 5 foot train dress? Either way, you need to map out carefully and consider the aisle, all the guests, the space of the aisle, how much walkway there is and how much train you actually need. This is just one example of careful planning that will save you a lot of stress in the long run.

Some Etiquette Tips For Hiring And Inviting Someone To Officiate A Wedding

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Hiring someone to officiate a wedding can be a stressful job. You need to pick someone who will do a good job and someone who you feel will be a good fit for the job as well. Who will fit in well with your wedding and who do you connect well with? You need to know some proper etiquette tips when it comes to hiring and inviting the officiant to the wedding if you want a smooth wedding and smooth sailing on the entire process. So how do you do this? How do you relate to an officiant and invite them?

When should you choose a Long Island wedding officiant? At what point in the planning process should you begin looking for and hiring one? What people traditionally do for whatever reason is they will delay the process of hiring or finding an officiant until the wedding planning process is almost completely done. The problem with doing this is that the process cannot be unified and the couple cannot officially be married until the officiant is present.

So with this logic, shouldn’t the officiant be one of the very first people that you hire? The best thing for new couples to do is to make sure they reserve their officiant for their expected date as soon as possible so you’re not left hustling through potential officiants only to hire a mediocre one at last minute because you couldn’t find the one you wanted or they weren’t available on the date selected. Denise Drapkin from I Wed All is always a good choice

Relating to your officiant is another story. Weddings are performed in a rather odd way today, more secularly than anything. With that being said, it appears that most people have no clue how to do interviews or how to potentially pick out their officiant to make sure they pick someone that relates to them. Remember, this person isn’t really your friend, so when you do your interview, just treat them as you would another member of the clergy.

The invitation etiquette is another matter. Remember, when your officiant is hired, you need to make sure they’re well taken care of and they feel like they’re actually part of the process. The last thing you want is an angry officiant on your big day ruining everything. So, when you’re doing your rehearsal dinner planning, you need to make sure that you invite your officiant as well. This is just proper officiant to wedding planner etiquette. Also, if you’re up for it, invite them to the reception as well to make them feel welcomed after the wedding as well.

While the celebrant isn’t always going to be able to drop what they have going after the wedding and stay, at least you took the nice gesture of inviting them and that’s what proper etiquette is about. Don’t overdo it because again, the officiant isn’t your friend, it’s just someone you’re hiring to do the wedding process and that’s it.

Make sure not only with the officiant but with every single person involved in the wedding planning process, they receive the proper etiquette before and after the ceremony.

For Budget Weddings – How To Hire An Officiant

budget wedding survival

When you think of writing out the budget for a wedding, the last thing you probably think about is your officiant. It’s not uncommon and it’s not your fault. A lot of people forget to even hire their officiant until the clock to the big day is near. However, this process isn’t ideal and it’s definitely not something you should do. Budget weddings by themselves are stressful and are very hard to plan out. You have so much to do and you have to do it all on a budget. Not only that, but you have to appease to a bunch of guests.

Now, if you’re in one of those positions where you can just pay the member of the church a few bucks because it’s someone you know personally or it’s a member of your church who agreed to do it for free, then you’re in luck. However, this is a very rare amount of cases and usually isn’t the case at all. Usually, an officiant has to be found, hired and selected through a process from the wedding planner, the bride and the groom.

Do different factors matter? What do you do if you’re both from different religious group or what if both of you have different faiths? Will any of this play into the cost factor and if it’s something you should weigh in on when deciding whether or not to hire someone is personally up to you. Most of the time, the faith and the religion of the officiant don’t matter. They often do it for free and aren’t doing it for any kind of large tip.

This is why, especially when you’re on a budget wedding, you need to make sure that you include this cost in your budget and plan for it accordingly. When you start crunching numbers and you notice you’ve left something out, you’ll figure out how quickly those little things can start adding up and putting you dangerously close to the zone of going over budget. You don’t want this to happen.

One of the most important things you have to do is make sure that your marriage is 100% legal. This is done by making sure that your officiant is legal as well and this needs to be checked out before anything else is done. If you need to know, you can easily just go to your town county court house and find the clerk’s office or you can go to the license bureau and obtain this information easily. You definitely want to make sure that you do this ahead of time. This will let you know if you need to find someone else or go with your original choice.

So what areas can you check for an officiant?

  • Newspapers

There should be a list of wedding announcements or engagement parties in the local section. Officiants usually advertise around here.

  • Clerk Office

Every town should have their own clerk office if you have a court in your town. Sometimes, you can usually get a referral from the clerk’s office or look up information on an individual officiant.

  • The Internet

While you need to be careful with who you choose, there’s plenty of online advertising websites, message boards and websites of officiants who offer their services to you local through the internet.

Get A Reliable Wedding Checklist For Your Wedding

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Organizing a wedding may be one of the most exciting things to do, but it is indeed one of the most challenging projects a woman will ever organize. With the feelings of anticipation, excitement and a little bit of nervousness, it can make anyone feel pressured.Just like any other type of project, organizing a wedding requires having the tools to be able to execute everything properly.

Just like any other type of project, organizing a wedding requires having the tools to be able to execute everything properly.

One of the best tools that any bride can have is a wedding checklist. This lists not just the things you need to do but even the timing that do you have to follow. Some tasks require at least 6 months lead time while others would need just a week or two.

Get a checklist that will help you not just in ensuring that you’ve got everything covered but also in doing them at the right time; here’s where to get them.

Bridal stores

There are many bridal stores and you can check some in your local area and they would be more than willing to assist you and give you a copy. Some may just hand them over to you while some would further offer their services.

A DIY Checklist

A do it yourself checklist can only be comprehensive if you have someone create them for you. A friend or relative who recently got married may be able to assist you in making a comprehensive list that is suitable just for you. Some checklist may confuse you by having items that you may not need, especially if that is not in your tradition. By making your very own checklist, you can customize it and make it more realistic or adjust to your needs and schedule.

Wedding Websites

There are a lot of websites catering to all the needs of brides, and they provide a lot of resources and references including downloadable wedding checklists. While you’re there, you can check out their other services such as invitations or wedding favors that you can order online.

Bridal fairs

Regularly, there are wedding fairs where you can organize your wedding in just one sitting. Start by getting a copy of the checklist that they provide and then go to the suppliers at the venue so you can already check out options.

You can have a planner and write down other information such as important contact numbers instead of just the checklist that you will tick. You can also insert here calling cards of your contacts and compile proposals you have received so you can compare before finalizing anything.

Remember not to panic because with the help of a wedding checklist; everything will be covered just in time or way ahead of time and you can make sure that all your wedding ideas and plans get executed properly.