budget wedding survival

When you think of writing out the budget for a wedding, the last thing you probably think about is your officiant. It’s not uncommon and it’s not your fault. A lot of people forget to even hire their officiant until the clock to the big day is near. However, this process isn’t ideal and it’s definitely not something you should do. Budget weddings by themselves are stressful and are very hard to plan out. You have so much to do and you have to do it all on a budget. Not only that, but you have to appease to a bunch of guests.

Now, if you’re in one of those positions where you can just pay the member of the church a few bucks because it’s someone you know personally or it’s a member of your church who agreed to do it for free, then you’re in luck. However, this is a very rare amount of cases and usually isn’t the case at all. Usually, an officiant has to be found, hired and selected through a process from the wedding planner, the bride and the groom.

Do different factors matter? What do you do if you’re both from different religious group or what if both of you have different faiths? Will any of this play into the cost factor and if it’s something you should weigh in on when deciding whether or not to hire someone is personally up to you. Most of the time, the faith and the religion of the officiant don’t matter. They often do it for free and aren’t doing it for any kind of large tip.

This is why, especially when you’re on a budget wedding, you need to make sure that you include this cost in your budget and plan for it accordingly. When you start crunching numbers and you notice you’ve left something out, you’ll figure out how quickly those little things can start adding up and putting you dangerously close to the zone of going over budget. You don’t want this to happen.

One of the most important things you have to do is make sure that your marriage is 100% legal. This is done by making sure that your officiant is legal as well and this needs to be checked out before anything else is done. If you need to know, you can easily just go to your town county court house and find the clerk’s office or you can go to the license bureau and obtain this information easily. You definitely want to make sure that you do this ahead of time. This will let you know if you need to find someone else or go with your original choice.

So what areas can you check for an officiant?

  • Newspapers

There should be a list of wedding announcements or engagement parties in the local section. Officiants usually advertise around here.

  • Clerk Office

Every town should have their own clerk office if you have a court in your town. Sometimes, you can usually get a referral from the clerk’s office or look up information on an individual officiant.

  • The Internet

While you need to be careful with who you choose, there’s plenty of online advertising websites, message boards and websites of officiants who offer their services to you local through the internet.