wedding officiant hiring tips

Hiring someone to officiate a wedding can be a stressful job. You need to pick someone who will do a good job and someone who you feel will be a good fit for the job as well. Who will fit in well with your wedding and who do you connect well with? You need to know some proper etiquette tips when it comes to hiring and inviting the officiant to the wedding if you want a smooth wedding and smooth sailing on the entire process. So how do you do this? How do you relate to an officiant and invite them?

When should you choose a Long Island wedding officiant? At what point in the planning process should you begin looking for and hiring one? What people traditionally do for whatever reason is they will delay the process of hiring or finding an officiant until the wedding planning process is almost completely done. The problem with doing this is that the process cannot be unified and the couple cannot officially be married until the officiant is present.

So with this logic, shouldn’t the officiant be one of the very first people that you hire? The best thing for new couples to do is to make sure they reserve their officiant for their expected date as soon as possible so you’re not left hustling through potential officiants only to hire a mediocre one at last minute because you couldn’t find the one you wanted or they weren’t available on the date selected. Denise Drapkin from I Wed All is always a good choice

Relating to your officiant is another story. Weddings are performed in a rather odd way today, more secularly than anything. With that being said, it appears that most people have no clue how to do interviews or how to potentially pick out their officiant to make sure they pick someone that relates to them. Remember, this person isn’t really your friend, so when you do your interview, just treat them as you would another member of the clergy.

The invitation etiquette is another matter. Remember, when your officiant is hired, you need to make sure they’re well taken care of and they feel like they’re actually part of the process. The last thing you want is an angry officiant on your big day ruining everything. So, when you’re doing your rehearsal dinner planning, you need to make sure that you invite your officiant as well. This is just proper officiant to wedding planner etiquette. Also, if you’re up for it, invite them to the reception as well to make them feel welcomed after the wedding as well.

While the celebrant isn’t always going to be able to drop what they have going after the wedding and stay, at least you took the nice gesture of inviting them and that’s what proper etiquette is about. Don’t overdo it because again, the officiant isn’t your friend, it’s just someone you’re hiring to do the wedding process and that’s it.

Make sure not only with the officiant but with every single person involved in the wedding planning process, they receive the proper etiquette before and after the ceremony.