wedding planning tips

When women are small children, they have this vision and dream in their head of what a wedding should be like and what their own wedding will be like. This is because women are raised with the idea that marriage (especially the wedding day) is all for women and they get to choose every single part of it. Women love to have that kind of control and they’re told they’re only going to have that day once in their life. I mean, we could factor in divorce statistics but we’re going to focus on the positives here and assume that will never happen.

This is a good thing though. When you’re a small child, you constantly think about how your wedding is going to be all the way to even when you’re a teenager. When you’re dating the cool kid from your lunch table, you think about getting married and what a marriage would be like with him. What would the perfect marriage be like? What kind of table placements will there be and how many people will be there? Who all will you be inviting?

If you’re a newly engaged woman or looking to get married soon, you’re probably thinking about all the stress that’s going to take its toll when you start out the planning process of your wedding. Your wedding is very stressful, before and during so you need some tips to help manage that stress and make sure it’s as low as possible during the process. A stressed out bride can’t make the best and the most coherent decisions.

You also have to know there’s some etiquette to advice given to you, even bad advice. If your family and friends start to give you some advice or tips that you never plan on following (and believe me they will), you simply need to nod your head, agree with them and tell them that you’re thankful for their advice and to have such a great friend in their corner. Who knows though, maybe one of those friends is right and you actually end up using their idea after all, so be nice and courteous to everyone who gives you advice.

Everyone thinks they have something planned out in their head, they think they have every little detail mapped out and that nothing can go wrong. No matter how much careful planning you do, people aren’t machines. They have motion of range and free will to do whatever they want so remember, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Prepare yourself for anything that could go wrong.

When you picture yourself walking down the aisle, how do you picture it happening? Is it with this extra long 100 foot train or is it with a short 5 foot train dress? Either way, you need to map out carefully and consider the aisle, all the guests, the space of the aisle, how much walkway there is and how much train you actually need. This is just one example of careful planning that will save you a lot of stress in the long run.